Group offers land to village for parks, recreation

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By Thomas Clapper

CCM Reporter

Carrollton Village Council was visited by Jacob Priest of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy Group at its Feb. 26 meeting regarding potential land available to the village. 

Priest said Our Lady of Mercy sought out Western Reserve Land Conservancy Group and offered 15.5 acres of land behind Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospial Urgent- Outpatient Care  of Carrollton. 

The land also borders SR 39. 

“Our main concern is conservancy,” said Priest. “We do not like to own land, we own very little because of certain circumstances but generally we do not own hardly any land. Our main goal is purely conservation.”

Basically, what it comes down to is the village of Carrollton has a chance to get this land free of charge to them, through grants that Western Reserve Land Conservancy Group can get for them. 

“We would do all of the heavy lifting, council would just have to approve resolutions and such to help with it,” said Priest. 

Councilwoman Brittany Tangler asked what kind of legislation and Village Administrator Mark Wells said it is just like things they do now such as approving the village to apply for a grant.  

Priest explained if the village gets this land, they cannot develop it, it must be used for conservation and they could put in walking paths, a pavilion, picnic tables and a parking lot. 

There is no timetable to do any of this, council could receive the land and let it sit for as long as it wants to with no activity. Priest said the village could use the same grant one more time for any additions to the land. The first is an acquisition grant then the other would be for the upkeep or to help with any projects on it. He said the Clean Ohio Grant is the most lucrative for this. 

“The opportunity is to get another 15.5 acres free of charge,” said Wells. “I can see down the road that it is property that does not need maintenance. The trails would be another thing for people to do in Carrollton.”

Tangler asked Police Chief Tim Timberlake if there are any objections or problems with having the land from a law enforcement standpoint. 

“I have no objections and I see no problems,” said Timberlake. “We would just need to have cameras and signage would need to be posted.”

Council is going to think this over with the idea of revisiting it at another meeting. They thanked Priest for his time.

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