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Print Plan

Our print plan gets delivered every week to your front door.
$ 30 / Per Year
  • 52 Papers Per Year
  • Weekly Delivery
  • Available in Carroll, Tuscsrawas, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson and Stark County.

Digital Plan

Our best value plan, giving you instant access to your local paper on the day it is published.
$ 20 / Per Year
  • Works On Every Device
  • Available On Day Of Publication
  • Access All Back Issues
  • 52 Papers Per Year
  • Available Worldwide
Best Value

News Stand

Our paper is available at multiple locations around the county.
$ 1 / Per Paper
  • Available On Day Of Publication
  • No Waiting For Mail
  • Easy Access


How can I get my news the fastest?

Our digital subscription will always be the fastest way to get your news to any device.
We also post daily to social media!

I don't need delivery, where can I pick up a paper?

Our paper can be picked up at many locations throughout Carroll County.
Click here to see our news stand locations.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Carroll County and Surrounding Communities.

What are your deadlines for submitting stories?

Reviews & Testimonials

I find it refreshing to actually get great local news. I feel the publication is very nicely done and informative.
Actual Carroll County news and information in a timely manner and that's relevant to most county residents, not pages and pages of school sports highlights. Keep up the good work!
Kyle Lyons
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