Street closing necessary for cooling system installation

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By Thomas Clapper
Carroll County Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Ed Eick presented commissioners good news during the June 29 meeting.
Eick said plans are in place to replace the courthouse fourth floor chilling unit July 11.
Eick informed Commissioners 2nd St. SE from the alley by the jail will be closed on Tuesday, July 11, to allow for a crane to remove the old chiller and place the new one on the roof of the courthouse. Eick has already spoken with the police chief and village officials regarding thematter.
“I will assist employees and visitors alike with getting into the building,” said Eick. He said it should be closed down for a couple of hours between 7 and 8 a.m. and ending at noon as the latest but probably will be done before then. The crane is supposed to arrive a day early and set up.
“The crane will not be in constant use and should be there for approximately an hour,” said Eick.
In another matter, commissioners granted approval for Eick to purchase a John Deere 2025R tractor from Ag-Pro in Alliance in the amount of $18,724.67. This will maintain county property including the landfill on Chase Rd. and communication tower on SR 9 and help with time efficiency.

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