Amsterdam hardware providing essential service to community during pandemic

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By Eric Lowe
CCM Contributor
An Amsterdam business owner remains steadfast during times of uncertainty for other small businesses and homeowners.
Carl Randalson has owned and operated Red Shed hardware store since 1982 and a car wash on the premises as far back as 1971.
“The hardware store will remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic”, Randalson said. “The store will continue business, helping provide residents and customers with much-needed supplies, such as propane, HVAC supplies, and plumbing and electrical supplies. Homeowners rely on Red Shed for urgent needs.”
“This is why it’s important for us to keep our doors open. Even though we are going through all this during a slow season for supplies, people still need sump pumps and generators, and other repair needs.”
Randalson is keeping a close eye on the situation with both, employees and the surrounding residents. “If I feel my helpers and the customer’s safety is in jeopardy, the doors would be temporarily closed till it’s safe enough to reopen.”
Red Shed has a helping hand in Bruce DeZordo. For 22 years, Bruce has been behind the counter assisting those who, not only are seeking hard to find supplies, but also supplying knowledge of what’s needed for homeowner projects.
Randalson mentioned that Bruce is like family to both he and Kathy Randalson, who owns and operates ‘Kathy’s Little Kitchen’, a mobile food trailer. When asked about interaction with the public Bruce said, “There’s no other place I would like to be than here, helping out the community when they need us the most. The urgent need for supplies is an ‘every day’ situation here but even more so now”, referring to the corona virus pandemic.
Carl Randalson said, “During times like this, small businesses need support from the community and the community needs continued support from hardware supplies that we hope doesn’t get disrupted.” He also mentions he is delighted to help both local and surrounding communities by reducing the distance to major hardware suppliers. “People love going to old fashioned stores to see rare items that they may not find in those other stores.”
This past year, Carl handed the HVAC aspect of the business over to his son, Jason, who is continuing to serve landlords and homeowners by providing much needed equipment, materials, and supplies, as well as doing installation and repairs on heating and cooling. “Things that are essential to homeowner’s needs”, Carl said.
The business, located at 9851 SR 164 just outside of Amsterdam, is open Monday through Friday from 9 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The business can be reached by calling 740-543-3772.

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