Lance Erik Zorger, 60

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Lance Erik Zorger, 60, of Carrollton, passed away from a short-term illness in his home Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020. 

Lance graduated from Carrollton High School. He enjoyed spending his time on Grover’s Family Farm where he spent every day doing what he loved, driving tractors. He and his wife of 25 years, Carol Ann Zorger, were horse farmers in the Harlem Springs area. Lance enjoyed spending time with his family and riding his horse at Jefferson State Park.

Lance is survived by his wife, Carol; his parents, Eugene and Majorie (Lamielle), of Carrollton;  his six children, Ashley Todd of Florida, Erik Zorger of Alabama, Carrie Rector of Carrollton, Atlee (Michele) Rosenberger of Perrysville, Jessie (Chuck) Phillips of West Virginia and James (Jamie) Rosenberger of New Harrisburg; grandchildren, Clay, Lexi, Charli, Reed, Beau, Zoe and Atlee IV; and siblings, Todd (Dee) Zorger and Leddi (Chic) Moyer, both of Carrollton.In lieu of a funeral service, friends may express their condolences at

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