Police chief addresses golf carts, parking meters, political signs

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Carrollton Police Chief Tim Timberlake is issuing a notice to village of Carrollton residents that driving golf carts on village streets is illegal.

Timberlake said he is aware some residents are driving golf carts on village streets and has received requests for inspections from residents so they can be driven on streets. 

“That’s premature,” he told The Messenger. “The village does not have an ordinance permitting them on village streets, so at this point it is illegal. If village council chooses to pass an ordinance to make it legal, we will begin inspections at that time but, until council takes action it is illegal, and residents can expect to receive a ticket.”

The chief also clarified the times parking meters are enforced as Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

Timberlake noted political signs are cropping up inside the village. He noted residents should be aware of the regulations per village ordinance, which reads:

“No sign shall be located on any public property, in the public right of way  (from edge of road to utility poles) or affixed to any utility pole, tree or screening except with approval of council.”

Signs which violate the policy will be removed. Anyone with questions should call the police department or village hall.

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