Former Carrollton superintendent, school board member sentenced to jail time

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By Carol McIntire


Two former Carrollton school officials will spend 30 consecutive days in the county jail for their part in a scheme to sell air purifiers to the school district and cover up the transaction.

Carroll County Common Pleas Judge Michael V. Repella went against the recommendation of Thomas Anger, a special prosecutor for the state auditor’s office, during a June 18 sentencing hearing.

Anger recommended community service for three of the four accused in the case: Superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi, School Board Member Mike Pozderac and his wife, Jackie, an art teacher. All three resigned their positions after charges were filed last November.

Quattrochi and Mike Pozderac will both spend 30 days in the county jail. Both were given 30 days to get their affairs in order before serving the sentence.

Repella reserved an 18-month prison sentence in the Quattrochi case, placed him on a three-year community control program, levied a $1,000 fine and ordered him to make restitution and pay court costs.

Quattrochi, of Steubenville, entered a guilty plea to one count of Theft in Office, a fourth-degree felony, during what was scheduled as a pre-trial hearing June 15.

Calling Pozderac the “ringleader,” in the case, Repella reserved a 36-month prison sentence and sentenced him to three years of community control sanctions, levied a $1,500 fine, ordered him to make restitution and pay court costs. He is also to complete 50 hours of community service.

Pozderac entered a guilty plea to Theft in Office, a third-degree felony during the June 15 hearing.

Jackie Pozderac, who entered a guilty plea to Having an Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract, a first-degree misdemeanor, was placed one a one-year non-reporting probation and ordered to complete 50 hours of community service. Repella reserved a 180-day jail sentence. She was also ordered to make restitution and pay court costs.

Gus Nickolas, of Canton, did not accept a plea deal offered by the special prosecutor and opted to moved forward with a jury trial. Repella set a trial date of Sept. 5.

Attorneys for Quattrochi and the Pozderacs said restitution of $70,450 was divided among the four charged in the case as was $1,599 in audit fees incurred by Carrollton Schools and $2,911 in state auditor fees. Attorneys indicated that, with restitution already make and checks presented that day, all three met their obligations.

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