Century Farms offers local indoor/outdoor venue

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CCM/Thomas Clapper Kerri and Mike Lambert, owners of Century Farms, strive to make wedding events as stress free as possible.

By Thomas Clapper
CCM Reporter
Mike and Kerri Lambert, owners of Century Farms barn wedding venue, share the singular focus of convenience and the reduction of stress when it comes to the bride and groom’s big day.
“I think what makes us unique in our approach as owners is we have been through all of this ourselves and this gives us the ability to be more accommodating to customers, not just on the day of the event, but also leading up to the event,” said Mike Lambert.
“We are there with the wedding party every step,” said Kerri who worked at the venue for several years before purchasing and running the property. “In 2016 we were looking for a venue and was directed here. Mike ended up being contracted to build the outdoor pergola and the previous owners, Don and Robin Warner, needed help, so I began working for them in 2017.”
In fact, Mike and Kerri were married at Century Farms in 2018 in the very building they offer to others. They took over full ownership on Jan. 1, 2022.
“Every event is an opportunity to learn something new,” said Mike. According to Kerri, she has been involved in hosting just under 300 events since beginning in 2017. The Lamberts have added additional features such as more staffing and one day packages.
“The goal of a wedding is to do it once and we have done it almost 300 times” said Kerri. “We have hosted brides from all over the country with the majority being from Ohio and the surrounding areas like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We even had an Australian bride before.”
The barn is not the only building on the property that wedding parties or event organizers can take advantage of. Century Farms is also home to two villas that each have five hotel rooms, equaling 10 total rooms for lodging.
Full wedding weekends include both villas in the price, if desired. The proximity of the barn to local hotels is a plus as well for larger traveling parties.
To reduce the stress brides and grooms feel, Century Farms provides a vendor list that has been vetted by Century Farms and has worked with them before.
“We have developed a really good relationship with these vendors,” said Kerri. “If choosing from our vendor list, you can rest assured that we trust them, and they have set up for events here.”
The Lamberts said in an attempt to take further burden off couples, Century Farms will be on the ballot in March seeking a liquor license. With a liquor license in place, Century Farms would stock most middle shelf alcohols and wedding parties could provide a budget and special alcohol they want for their wedding.
Century Farms host more than weddings, they host the annual country Christmas craft show, an annual New Year’s Eve party, music concerts and other events the space can accommodate. There will be a Renaissance Fair on Aug. 17-18. This will be the Great Camelot Renaissance Fair and the first ever will be hosted at Century Farms. The Riverside folk band will be held Sept. 30.
Kerri added villas are rented out for more than just weddings as well. Anyone looking for a last minute weekend getaway for example could rent a room if available.
“Over the past couple of years, we feel like we have just begun to be a big part of the community in Carrollton as we continue to build relationships with people here and all of the businesses,” said Mike. “It is good to see the area thrive.”
“A lot of people, even from Carrollton, are not aware that we are back here, and we would really like to get more involved with the community in the near future,” said Kerri.
Century Farms is located at 1121 Canton Rd., Carrollton. For pricing, scheduling, dates, tours and more call 330-575-6632, email [email protected] or visit the website www.CenturyFarmsOhio.com.

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