Carrollton Water Dept. official says iron, manganese levels back to normal

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Water Faucet

By Thomas Clapper

CCM Reporter

Carrollton Village Council re-organized at its Jan. 8 meeting, retaining Wilma Lambert as council president. 

Lambert won the vote after Councilman Chris Barto made a failed attempt at nominating Councilman Corey Yeager as president. 

“I think Wilma has done an excellent job, but I remember we used to switch the position around and I think Yeager would be a strong candidate,” said Barto before the motion. 

“I believe we are in a transitional year, and we need a steady hand, so I nominate Lambert,” said Councilman Tom White. Lambert won the vote and was elected president. 

Justin Lucas of the  village water department reported the iron and manganese levels in the water are back to normal and the water in the village is where it should be. 

Councilwoman Brittany Tangler said she has heard reports of people’s water being clear now and Lucas said the Water Department also has received positive reports.

In other business, council:

-ACCEPTED the resignation/retirement of Margaret Mesler as fire department secretary. Her resignation letter said she cannot learn the new computer software and there is no ill will. 

 Fire Chief Shane Thomas said new technology is even beyond him at this point.

“There is a lot of work involved interfacing with the new report software,” said Thomas. “It is given to as a grant and saves us too much money to not use. Mesler and I spoke a couple of years ago and recently about this when we first got our new iPads so this was something that naturally was going to happen at some point.” 

Council approved the hiring of Jack Swinehart for $400 per month on a part time basis to fill the position.

Thomas explained this monthly fee is more convenient and reasonable than trying to keep track of each check in because some can be for only 15 minutes to a half an hour. He said Swinehart currently serves as a Captain on the fire department and is the most qualified who understands what is asked of this new computer software. He is the only one to respond to the internal posting of the position. 

-HEARD from Street Department Superintendent Ben Palmer who reported various things village workers have done including repairing barricades that have been broken, worked on catch basin risers, winterized equipment, fixed a broken culvert on Trump Rd., equipped five vehicles with spreader boxes and more. 

-APPROVED Ordinance 2024-03 authorizing the Village of Carrollton to sell personal (village) property not needed for public use, obsolete or unfit for use by internet action. 

-PAID the village bills of $30,860.06 in vendors and $53,339.22 in payroll. Approved was bills without prior certification in the amount of $31,011.38. 

-MET in executive session for approximately 30 minutes for discipline of a public employee, but no action was taken.

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