Buses head out to deliver meals to Carrollton Schools students

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Buses were loaded at Carrollton elementary school and are headed out to drop off sites.

Following are the drop off locations for the Carrollton Schools meal program:

Bus 1

Mechanicstown (Gazebo) (11:10 – 11:30)

Augusta Post Office (11:40 – Noon)

Bus 2

New Harrisburg Twp. Garage (11:10 – 11:30)

Dellroy Community Center (11: 40 – Noon)

Bus 3

Petersburg @ lay down yard below Twp. Garage

(11:10 – 11:30)

Perrysville Firehouse (11:40 – Noon)

Bus 4

Harlem Park (11:10 – 11:30 )

Old Kilgore School (11:40 – Noon)

Parents do not have to bring their children. School officials we would prefer them be safe at home and not exposed. They will receive a lunch/breakfast pack at the pick up location, whether it is at Carrollton Elementary or at one of our distribution locations.


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