Brent Matthew Mayfield

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Brent Matthew Mayfield

Brent Matthew Mayfield was born Nov. 24, 1970. He is and always will be the most unforgettable and loving husband of Julie Mayfield and amazing father of Austen, Matthew, Samantha (Matt Murphy), and Zackary Mayfield. He was the most beloved son of his parents, Alpha and Carolyn Mayfield and the youngest, silliest sibling of his brother, Jeff (Cherie) and sister, Alicia Mayfield. Please take the time to read our love letters to this man, the brightest star of our lives.

You are my forever heart and love, my North Star, my rock and my anchor. I am so lost without you already. You are the love of my life, my best friend, and the best father and son that anyone could have ever asked for. We love you so fully and completely and you always loved us in the same way – 100% and unapologetically out loud. How do I go on without you – your smile, your scent, your touch?

You were ours and we were yours. It was that simple. Always. I love you, Brent Matthew Mayfield. –

Yours forever, Julie, your baby doll.

My father, I owe you everything. My life, my hobbies, my interests, my career path, my siblings, my family, and my mother. Your interests in life, technology, and your various other hobbies were the brightest of any individual I’ve ever known. You loved all the dogs like they were your own kids. Strider, Evie, and Penny will miss you dearly. My heart aches knowing you will never be able to experience the things you were looking forward to, but we are carrying on your legacy into the future. No matter what happens, we will love you forever. – Matthew

I love you, dad. Thank you for teaching me what I know. Thank you for building my PC, my desk, and my life. I am sorry I always procrastinated. I am SO happy you were my dad. Nobody will ever replace you. – Zackary (Bud)

I wish I could scream so loud that everyone could hear about the love, care, memories, hugs, everything I got to experience with you. I wish people could feel my broken heart, so they knew how much I loved you. I wish everyone could hear me cry, so they knew how much I miss you. Dad, you were invincible in my eyes. You’re back with the stars and the universe, just like you said you would be. I will love you until the end of time. – Samantha Rose

Dad, there are no words to describe how bright you burned. You were a colossus among men. You survived through more than I can ever imagine. I always had you and Mom as an anchor whenever I needed it. I hope that lately I have been making you proud. I never could have imagined a world without you. I thought you were invincible. Our world has lost a tremendous soul. I love you more than I think you knew. You are a great man. I wish I could bend time to save you. You are greatly missed and will never be forgotten. Goodnight, Dad. – Austen

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