Library added to new elementary school

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By Carol McIntire



Carrollton Schools officials excitedly announced the addition of a library to the new elementary school during the April board of education meeting. 

Superintendent Dave Davis kicked off the meeting with the announcement, saying the addition was made possible because the furniture bid came in under the estimate.

“We met with the architect and Mrs. Dodds (Holly) and Mrs. Moyer (Tracy) chose the space and the furniture they would like to have so that kids can continue to have their library!” David said. 

He noted there will be not a library room (per se) but rather the library will be located in one of the extended learning spaces in the building. 

Assistant Superintendent Andy Reeves continued the announcement by presenting a drawing that shows the extended learning space (open concept room located in the hallway of the building).

“There are three extended learning spaces in the new building,” he explained. The one they chose is on the lower level. It has 32 seats with tables and shelves on the walls. They picked out and ordered bookcases. We are excited the kids will continue to have a library.”

Reeves provided an update on the elementary school construction, noting the roofing is 75 percent complete, brick veneer work continues, windows could be installed by the end of April and HVAC duct and piping, plumbing and electrical work are ongoing on the upper floor, the stairs are completed and the new building now has permanent electrical power. 

In an unrelated matter, Davis thanked the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) Local #541 negotiating team for working with the administration to develop a fair contract for all. 

“This was my first contract to negotiate and I’m hopeful future ones go as well as this one did,” Davis said, noting the two sides met twice and had a contract drawn up.

The union approved the contract and the board stamped its approval on the document during the meeting.
The contract includes a $1 per hour increase to the base pay for each year of the contract and $1,000 lump sum payment each year of the contract (paid in October or November). There are no changes to the insurance coverage or cost. There are 80 classified employees in the district. The contract runs from July 1 through June 30, 2027.

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