Carrollton Elementary 5th graders enjoy the fruits of their labor

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CCM/Dan Ries Carrollton Superintendent Dave Davis (left) and Elementary Principal Holly Dodd assists students Bay Mulheman (left) and Tegan Gibson select toppings for their baked potato.

Students in the fifth grade this school year at Carrollton Elementary had the opportunity to enjoy the taste of home-grown food last week.

The students planted potatoes last spring prior to the end of their fourth-grade year as part of an experiment with potato growth based on store bought potatoes, seed potatoes and Yukon Gold. 

 When the students returned to school in August, the potatoes were harvested. All fifth-grade students were treated to a baked potato bar Sept. 27 in the elementary cafeteria. 

The lesson was to teach sustainable practices, a small space can produce excellent food and how to prepare produce for eating, as part of the school’s Farm to School program. 

Kay Russell, the school district’s outdoor educator, said the students “spruced up” their potatoes with butter, sour cream, bacon bits, sloppy joe, chives and cheddar cheese.

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