Nov. 8 general election unofficial final results (all 23 precincts reporting)

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Nov. 8 unofficial final results

Governor/Lt Governor:

Michael DeWine/Jon Husted (R)        7986               

Nan Whaley/ Cheryl L. Stephens (D)  1944

Write ins: 112

U S Senator:

Tim Ryan (D)                                       2710

 J.D. Vance (R)                                     7272

write-ins John Cheng, Matthew R. Esh, Stephen Faris, Shane Hoffman and Lashondra Tinsley.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Jennifer L. Brunner (D)                       2396

Sharon Kennedy (R)                            7616

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 1, 2-23 term):

Pat Fischer (R)                                     7654

Terri Jamison (D)                                 2305

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 2, 2023, term)

 Pat DeWine (R)                                  7516

 Marilyln Zayas (D)                              2402

Attorney General

Jeffrey A. Crossman (D)                      2021

David Yost (R).                                    8020

Auditor of State:

Keith Faber (R),                                   7738

Taylor Sappington (D).                        2162

Secretary of State

 Chelsea Clark (D)                                2063

Frank LaRose (R)                                 7841

Terpsehore P. Maras                          114

Treasurer of State

J. Scott Schertzer (D)                          2170

 Robert Sprague (R)                            7759

Representative to Congress

Bill Johnson (R)                                   7860               

Louis Lyras (D)                                     2130

John P. Williams (write-in)

Court of Appeals – 7th District

Gene Donofrio (D)                              2381

 Mark A. Hanni (R)                              7508

State Senator 33rd District

Bob Hagan (D)                                     2480

Michael Ruli (R)                                   7517

State Representative 79th District

Taylor Eastham                                   2356

Monica Robb Blasdel (R)                    7539

Write-in                                               10

Carroll County Commissioner

Donald Leggett, II (R)                          8003

Write-in Ron Hepner                          918


Lynn Fairclough                                   8549


Calvin Graham                                    8991



State Issue I: Community Safety Amendment                                   YES      7620   NO  2170

Issue 2: Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment                      YES      8327    NO  1540                    



Carroll Hills:                                                                                        YES      6279    NO  3568

Carroll County Park District:                                                               YES     4147    NO  5734

Village issues

Village of Dellroy: operating expenses                                               YES      82        NO  20

Village of Carrollton: Fire protection                                                  YES      848      NO  238

Village of Carrollton: Current expenses                                             YES      690      NO  391

Village of Magnolia: Current expenses                                               YES      65        NO 26

Village of Magnolia: Cemeteries                                                        YES      60        NO  31

Township levies

Augusta Township (Minerva School District): Fire protection           YES      120      NO 40

Center Township: Cemeteries                                                            YES      1064    NO 470

Center Township- Natural Gas Aggregation:                                      YES      238      NO  190

Center Township: Electric Aggregation                                              YES      219      NO  209

East Township: Fire Levy                                                                    YES      200      NO  96

Orange Township: Road levy                                                              YES      219      NO  106

Perry Township: Fire protection                                                         YES      264      NO  88

Rose Township: Road Levy                                                                 YES      300      NO  210

Fire levy

Great Trail Joint Fire District                                                               YES      1253    NO  823

School levy

Buckeye Career Center: Current expenses                                         Yes      4077    NO  2479

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