Meet Taylor Patterson:
Carrollton’s new postmaster

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Submitted Photo: At age 30, Taylor Patterson is the youngest female to hold the position of Carrollton postmaster.

By Carol McIntire
Taylor Patterson was introduced to the United States Postal Service (USPS) at a young age so it was only natural that one day, she would work for the agency.
At 2 years of age, Taylor’s mother began a career with the postal service and held various positions over the years.
“I spent much of my childhood learning the postal way of life and meeting many people in all stages of their careers with USPS. After I graduated high school, I was interested in joining the United States military, but decided to apply at the Postal Service so I could stay close to home,” said the Akron native, who was named Carrollton Postmaster March 11.
Born in Akron, Patterson lived there until age 19, when she moved to Canton. That was in 2012. In January of that year, she landed her first job with USPS as a TE city carrier and began a career that led her to the position of acting postmaster at Medina in June 2019. At the age of 26 (in Sept. 2019), she became postmaster at East Sparta, a position she held until her appointment at Carrollton after just 10 years with the agency.
While serving at East Sparta she was also acting postmaster of Dover from December 2020 to August 2021.
Sandwiched between her first carrier position and her first set of duties as acting postmaster were several carrier and customer service positions that took her from Canton to South Arlington and Akron and on to Fairlawn and then back to Canton. In November 2016, she moved into the customer service field as the acting supervisor of customer services at the Ellet and Tallmadge branches. She remained in the field of customer service through May 2019.
Even though her duties now keep her inside the post office most days, she says she truly enjoyed her days as a mail carrier.
“Carrying mail has been one of my favorite positions with USPS,” she admitted. “But I am thankful beyond words to be able to serve my community in the capacity that I have been given the opportunity to do so in recent years. Women have come a long way in terms of overcoming challenges and fighting prejudices in society and I am so proud to belong to the 54% of female Postmasters across the United States. I hope that in my next 10 years with the United States Postal Service I can set a positive example for the other young women in my community and mentor the next generation of female leaders.”
She is quick to credit those who provided her guidance along the way.
“It has been a pleasure to learn and grow under the leadership of Jonathan Pavlik, Renee Twitty, Scott Rauch and Eric Adkins,” she stated, “And, special thank you to my mom, Deidre Patterson. All have guided me and offered me opportunities along my journey with this organization.”
She is also proud to be only the second woman to occupy the postmaster’s office in Carrollton since 1990. Sweat was appointed March 10 of that year and served until Sept. 5, 1997.
“If you think about it, she was appointed two years before I was born,” Patterson pointed out.
At Carrollton, a large majority of her duties include generating new revenue by connecting with local businesses, management of finances, improving employee engagement, employee safety, and positive community involvement.
“Since I began as postmaster in Carrollton, we have held a USPS career hiring fair to assist potential new hires on the application process. We have a passport fair and a hiring event scheduled April 6 in the Rocket Center at the Conotton Valley High School,” she noted.
The 30-year-old is settling in with her new duties and enjoying meeting community residents.
“My first impressions of the village have been wonderful so far,” she said. “I have met so many great personalities who come to visit us here each day. I enjoy assisting the community where I am able, and I hope to continue to build a positive relationship with all who stop in or call.”
She admits that many people may think she is very young to hold the position of postmaster, and oftentimes customers are surprised.
“That’s usually the biggest shock people have,” she admitted. “My age and sometimes my unconventional appearance too. I was appointed to my first postmaster job at 26 years old. I have worked very hard to make a name for myself and that is why I appreciate those who have helped me along the way. They saw something in me and gave me opportunities that I am forever thankful for.”
She is in a long-term relationship and has two children, a nine-year-old son, Quinn, and a five-year-old daughter, Dahlia. For now, she plans to commute for work, but says she may relocate to the area when her children are older.

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