To the Editor:

Are we asking the right questions?

While observing the state of our political theater the last decade, it has caused a worrisome feeling within my spirit that has prompted me to write my first letter. 

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, we must ask ourselves – are we fighting for a team or are we fighting for our country? I have witnessed for years unbelievable verbal combat in an effort to discredit each other’s candidates. Social media has become a platform for the most outrageous hate. As I have analyzed numerous positions, I ask myself who benefits the most by stirring our citizens into a frenzy and persuading them to challenge one another? I personally believe China and Russia (along with hate groups) have the most to gain if we are engaging in verbal and physical encounters, we have been so distracted and obsessed with Facebook and Twitter, that we are unaware we are being manipulated to see one point of view or another by contradictory sites. I sadly listen to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers and ask myself, “What have we become?” Due to my age, I pine away for those days when a certain decorum was expected of us – a day when manners were the norm. I don’t recognize the thoughts and behaviors of today. What has happened? As Americans we have the freedom to believe whatever we choose but as a religious society, we do not have the right to insult one another on a daily basis. We all feel passionate about our preferred platforms, but shouldn’t we be asking – how can we come together solving everyday problems affecting our people? When we lead with hate and stubbornness, the outcome is inevitable. 

When we share or retweet misinformation concerning both sides, we are complicit in stirring the “hate pot.” We are all guilty in this practice in an effort to prove our way of thinking is right. 

Actually, regardless of which way you lean, you can present certain facts to prove your narrative. Are we so immovable on today’s political stage? Perhaps I will always be a forever optimist, but I truly believe there are any “thought provoking” people among us willing to come together to find common ground. 

I believe we can take a kinder approach to solving our differences without causing such total division. 

As we sit with our phones, computers and iPads, ask yourself – am I contributing to a cause that strives to find positive solutions for our children’s children or am I just determined to have my side win regardless of consequences for our future generations?

Sherry Prisbylla


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