To the Editor:

On behalf of the Malvern Community Development Fund Board of Trustees, I want to thank everyone who helped to make Malvern festive with the small and large Christmas trees.  Nevin and Barb Crater donated the large community tree, they  sponsored in one of the first Christmas tree projects in Malvern.  Jamie Shoemaker, Jeff Burgess and Ryan Lawson cut the tree down, moved it and put lights on it.

2021 planters of trees included Tom Furey, Carol Brawley, Mary Lou Fischer and John Fischer. Tree decorators were Carol Brawley and Mary Lou Fischer.

Donors who sponsored trees were Dave and Patty Van Horn, Nevin and Barb Crater, Jackie Contini, Tom and Sue Clark, JoAnn Gotchall, Crowl Lumber Co. Inc., Linda and Lee Faa, Joanne Cinson, Susan Joyce, Beth and Trish Meiser, Kristin LePore Holzworth – S-TEK INC., Sam and Ann Bake, Bob and Sue DeLong, G.L. Auto Glass, Diane Mohr, Larry DeDent, Jenna and Jack Frase, Robert and Marlene Crowl, Karen Wackerly, Doug and Kathi Schmidt, Carol Brawley, Ed and Brenda Serri, The Chiurco Family, Jeff and Barb Burgess, The Shine Family, Shaun and Darcy Pearce, Joyce and Randy Ross, Bill and Janet Steiner, Darletta and Bill Shank, Tom and Flo Furey, Michael J. Hulit DDS, Dick Wackerly, Jacquelin Russell, Contini Insurance – Karen Tucci, Richard and Regina Smith, Shirley Columbo, Jim and Charm Woods, Dick Ferguson and Dorothy Moushey, Mike and Rhonda Chiurco and Patricia Cinson Tierney.

Malvern was shining brightly thanks to this team of people.

Carol Brawley 

Christmas Tree Project chairwoman

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