Carrollton officials discuss effects of legal marijuana

By Thomas Clapper
CCM Reporter
Carrollton Police Chief Tim Timberlake discussed the effects of legal marijuana in Ohio with Carrollton Village Council at its Dec. 11 meeting.
“Marijuana has been legal now since Dec. 7 but law enforcement has been given zero guidance on how to go about how to deal with this,” said Timberlake. “I also wonder what council would do if someone wanted to open a dispensary.”
Solicitor Clark Battista said he knows Minerva has approved a temporary prohibition of opening dispensaries until zoning rules and proper reading has been done. Carrollton council agreed to this and approved the same.
Timberlake said a drug policy is in place, but the village needs to look into and make any changes to prohibit workers from partaking in marijuana.
“I don’t need any of my guys showing up to work and policing with marijuana in their system,” said Timberlake. “That stays detectable in the body for 30 days.”
Battista said some villages have employees resign a new form saying they will not partake and stay drug free.
Council and Battista are going to investigate the matter.
Timberlake gave his report at the meeting which said crashes were up this month but still lower than 2022.
In an unrelated matter, Battista said Sec. 41.o, A-B and H1 address village workers using company vehicles for personal use. Councilwoman Brittany Tangler said she will read the sections and requested Village Administrator Mark Wells notify council whenever a vehicle needs to be used for personal reasons. Wells said he would notify them.
In other business, council:
-HEARD a report from Fire Chief Shane Thomas. Thomas said there have been 274 calls this year so far, which is a record number of calls. He reported the fire department secretary Margaret Mesler is retiring and they are seeking a new one. Right now the position is open in house before accepting public applications. Tangler asked him how the new pay structure is going, and he reported very well. There have been about 12 people who have gone to more than 100 calls.
-HEARD a reminder from Wells to be responsible and clean up after pets in village parks. To assist, the village has purchased pet clean-up stations for all parks.
-PAID bills of vendors: $56,997.31; Payroll: $61,156.54; payment of bills without prior certification: $472.11.

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