Dog bite leads to new charges for convicted felons

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By Leigh Ann Rutledge

CCM Reporter

Two Malvern neighbors were arraigned last week in Carroll County Municipal Court after an incident involving a dog bite April 6.

David L. Menegay, 62, of 4131 Bonnie Dr., Malvern, was arraigned April 13 for weapons under disability, a Felony of the third degree (F3) and a $25,000 OR (own recognizance) bond was set.

Corey A. Thompson, 37, of 4143 Bonnie Dr. NW, Malvern, was arraigned April 7 for assault. He was appointed a public defender and a $10,000 OR bond set. 

Menegay called the Carroll County Sheriff’s office at 2:43 p.m. to report he was bitten by the neighbor’s Pit Bull but was able to get away. He was in his home but said the dog was still running at large. Dispatchers told the man to stay inside his home. The dog warden was enroute and spoke with Menegay who told him he went back outside and shot the dog. 

Menegay told the deputy on scene he went into his home and retrieved a shotgun and shot the dog. Deputies discovered Menegay has prior felony drug charges, including trafficking. His 12-gauge shotgun was seized. When asked if he wanted to be checked out by EMT, Menegay told the deputy he did not have a physical injury, just a damaged shoe.

The deputy and the dog warden checked the dog and discovered its injuries too severe, and it had to be put down. The dog belonged to Thompson. 

According to reports, after Thompson was told about his dog, he was yelling and making threats. He punched Menegay’s fence and broke the gate. 

A preliminary hearing was scheduled April 20 for Menegay in front of Carroll County Municipal Court Judge Gary Willen.

Thompson has a pre-trial scheduled May 11 at 10:15 a.m.  Thompson has previous felony convictions in Carroll County Common Pleas Court for assault and burglary. 

The men are to have no contact with each other.

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