Commissioners hand out over $.5 million in grants to county agencies

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By Thomas Clapper
CCM Reporter
Carroll County Commissioners announced a list of agencies receiving general fund grants during the Jan. 18 meeting.
Commissioner President Robert Wirkner noted during the session, bills were “unusnually high” and offered an explanation.
Included in the $951,672.50 total for bills was $560,153 in grants to county agencies and organizations from the county general fund.
There is also a reimbursement grant from the state, Healthy Aging Grant, that totals $37,420.
“I want to make it clear that some of these grants are required and some of them are optional,” said Wirkner. “Not all are guaranteed, and they should not be taken for granted.”
The grants and the amount include:
Carroll County Agricultural Society (fair board), $20,000; Airport Authority, $10,000; Economic Development $10,000; Law Library, $37,000;
Ohio State University Extension, $197,994; Regional Planning, $24,300; Soil and Water Conservation District, $150,000;
Carroll County Transit, $42,859; and Victim Assistance, $68,000.

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