Bird droppings continue to pose problem at courthouse

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By Carol McIntire


Carroll County Commissioners discussed building improvement projects with the county’s maintenance supervisor last week, including one involving bird droppings. 

Ed Eick approached the ongoing problem of pigeon droppings on the courthouse balcony. 

“In 2013 when the new roofing material was put on, material was put on the balcony that was sloped to carry the droppings to the gutters. The slope isn’t sufficient to carry the amount of bird droppings out there, so it just lays on the balcony,” Eick said. 

He cleans the droppings by climbing out a window in the clerk of courts office and cleans up the droppings with a bucket. Climbing out the window isn’t a good idea but using an extension ladder to get access from the outside is not safe.”

Eick would like to build a wedge on the balcony surface to provide a steeper slope that would allow for rain to wash the droppings off.  Eick said he does not have a cost for materials to build the wedge, but can put one together.

He obtained an estimate of $1,000 to have the droppings cleaned, but noted at this time there is not sufficient droppings to pay for the service, so he cleaned them himself.

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