1884 Goodwin painting sells for $6,000

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Eileen Rohrer displays a picture of the painting “ On the Pond” which was sold to benefit the Carroll County Animal Protection League’s no-kill animal shelter.

Caroll County Animal Protection League (CCAPL) member Karen Polony, of Canton, purchased a painting with the idea of possibly selling it at the association’s 2018 benefit dinner and silent auction in October.
Members looked at the painting closely and started looking up the artist to discover the painting might be of significant value, so it was not put in the silent auction. The painting was “On the Pond” by Richard La Barre Goodwin in 1884.
Polony asked members John and Joyce Angerer, also of Canton, to handle appraising and selling the painting if possible.
John Angerer made a steel frame and shipped the painting to California and paid the cost of the shipping. The painting was shipped to Debra Leitner Benderev, ISA AM Appraiser of Leitner Fine Arts, of San Juan Capistrano, CA. It was appraised at $9,500.
The painting was at Heritage Auction House but did not sell at auction.
At the Leitner Fine Arts Studio, the painting was noticed by Dr. Jacob Rastegar of Beverly Hills, who purchased the painting for $6,000. Debra Leitner Benderev did not take a commission on the painting but wanted the selling price to go to the CCAPL. Rastegar received the painting on Nov. 12.
The $6,000 will go towards the new sewer plant at the CCAPL no-kill animal shelter which is to be installed this month by Sheckler Excavating Inc., of Malvern at a cost of $75,000. After the sewer plant is finished the shelter will be about 65% on its way to opening.
“We thank Dr. Jacob Rastegar for purchasing the Goodwin painting ‘On The Pond’ and for Debra Leitner Benderev for handling the sale of the painting,” said CCAPL President Eileen Rohrer. “Also John and Joyce Angerer for their part in the journey of the painting. And, most of all for Karen Polony for donating the Goodwin Painting to us in honor of her beloved companion dog, Apache.”

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