Leggett defeats Nuzzolillo in Republican race for county commissioner

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By Carol McIntire


In the only local contested race on the May 3 primary election ballot, Carroll County Republicans chose Donald Leggett, II as their candidate for the Jan. 1 term of county commissioner.

Leggett garnered 65 percent of the 3,464 votes cast to defeat political newcomer Ronald Nuzzolillo 2,242-1,222. No Democrats filed petitions for the seat, leaving Leggett the only candidate on the November ballot. Anyone wishing to run for the seat as a write-in candidate must file a petition with the county board of elections before Aug. 29.

Carroll County Auditor Lynn Fairclough received 2,889 complimentary votes from Republicans in her unopposed bid to return to office.


Voters in the village of Carrollton approved a natural gas aggregation program by a vote of 377 for and 141 against.

Sandy Creek Joint Fire District voters approved a levy by a vote of 138-47 and the voters in the village of Minerva approved a charter amendment issue by a 97-76 vote.

State, federal contests

County vote totals for state and federal races are as follows:

Governor/Lt. Governor:

Democrat: Nan Whaley, 499; John Cranley, 281.

Republican:  Joe Blystone 1,553; Mike DeWine, 1,334, Ron Hood, 128; Renacci, 733.

Attorney General

Democrat: Jeffrey Crossman, 692.

Republican: Dave Yost, 2,996.

Auditor of State

Democrat: Taylor Sappington, 689;

Republican: Keith Faber, 2,829.

Secretary of State

Democrat: Chelsea Clark, 698;

Republican: John Adams, 1,482; Frank LaRose, 1,839.

Treasurer of State

Democrat: Scott Schertzer, 684;

Republican: Robert Sprague: 2,803.

Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

Democrat: Jennifer Brunner, 723;

Republican: Sharon Kennedy, 2,808.

Justice of the Supreme Court

Democrat: Terri Jamison, 647;

Republican: Pat Fischer, 2,714.

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

Democrat: Marilyn Zayas, 654;

Republican: Pat DeWine, 2,457.

U.S. Senator

Democrat: Morgan Hunter, 83; Traci Johnson, 94; Tim Ryan, 614.

Republican: Matt Dolan, 532; Mike Gibbons, 401; Josh Mandel, 1,098; Neil Patel, 40; Mark Pukita, 91; Jane Timken, 373; J.D. Vance, 1,171.

U.S. Congressman (6th District)

Democrat: Martin Alexander, 109; Eric Jones, 210; Louis G. Lyras, 103;

Republican: John Anderson, 434; Bill Johnson, 2,778; Michael Morgenstern, 171; Gregory  Zelinitz, 104.

Seventh District Court of Appeals

Democrat: Gene Donofrio, 698;

Republican (write-in) 280.

County Central Committees


Augusta: Terri Ossler, 26.

Malvern: Vincent Osborn, 39.

Minerva: Joe McFadden, 40.

Brown: Linda Farmer, 13.

Mohawk: Ray Morgenstern, 709.

Carrollton A: Sarah Dyck, 44.

Center: Paula Puch, 26.

East: Mary Ann Bryan, 16.

Harrison A: Linda Peoples, 33.

Leavittsville: Valerie Gardner, 16.

Orange: David Devey, 34.

Perry: Write-in) 6.

Rose: Jan Kennedy, 35.

Union: Thomas Postlethwait, 30.

Washington: John H. Barnett, 30.


Augusta: Jeff Mangun, 169.

Malvern: Lucinda Oyer, 76; write-in 6.

Mohawk: Emerson Luttrell, Jr., 165.

Carrollton: Vickie Reed, 189.

East: Patricia Oyer, 112.

Harrison: Nicole Mickley, 181.

Lee, Shannon Noble, 108.

Loudon: Lisa McLean, 90.

Union: Deloris Kean, 112.

Washington: Robert Wiley, 124.

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