Football communications team retires after 30+ years

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Photo by Pete McIntire Tom Haun retired following the Carrollton vs. Steubenville playoff game Oct. 28. His longtime partner, John Wenner, retired following the 2020 season.

The men responsible for making sure coaches in the press box could communicate with coaches on the sideline at Carrollton football games have both retired.
Tom Haun placed the headsets in the case for the final time after Carrollton’s playoff game against Steubenville Big Red Oct. 28. His partner, John Wenner, retired after the COVID season (2020).
The Carrollton residents served as the caretakers of the headsets for over 30 years for the Warriors football team.They were responsible for the care of the head seats, making sure they were charged on game day, transported them to and from football games and, for many years, kept the cords untangled on the sideline.
Tom related that in recent years, the new style headsets did not have cords, which made the job much easier.
Tom recalled the day he began his duties.
“Bob Bird was the athletic director at that time. We had a football game at Dover on a Friday, and I was asked to take the crew to the game. We got rained out, so we went back Saturday to play.. After the game I asked Bob Bird what he wanted me to do with the headsets. He told me to take them home, that I could be the back-up guy,” he said.
Wenner said his fondest memories are of standing on the sideline, talking withplayers. “They’ would tell me who their parents and grandparents were. The kids were a blast. They were all great kids!”

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