Village officials warn: Be careful what you flush or it could cost you cash

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After an issue with sewage back-up Friday afternoon, Carrollton official are reminding residents be careful what they flush.
A back up occurred in the block between N. Lisbon and N. High streets, including Butler Ave. The sewer department jetted the line and found disinfectant wipes caught in the lines.
Officials explained, the village main line is 8-10 inches. Homeowners have a four-inch lateral line from their home which attaches to main lines. The sewer department system has rake systems and other ways to remove debris to help avoid clogged lines. Individual home lateral lines do not have these precautions in place. By flushing items, not meant to be flushed, homeowners could cause damage to their lateral line. Maintenance is the home owner’s responsibility.
Village officials ask residents not to flush disinfectant, baby or personal hygiene wipes, even if they say “flushable.”
Paper towels should not be flushed either. Toilet paper is made to break down in the sewer system, the others are not.
Anyone with questions, can call 330-627-4350.

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