Sherrodsville council considers tax options

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By Carol McIntire
The possibility of allowing a 1.9-mill tax levy to expire and asking voters to approve a 2-mill replacement levy in November are under consideration by Sherrodsville Council.
During the June 15 meeting, council agreed to investigate the idea after hearing from Fiscal Officer Valerie Gardner.
“The 2-mill levy expires in tax year 2020 and generates $870 per year. The 1.9-mill levy generates $1,180 and expires in 2021,” she explained. “If we ask voters to approve a 2.0 mill replacement levy and allow the 1.9-mill levy to expire, the 2- mill replacement levy will generate more than the two levies combined.”
Council approved a resolution to allow Gardner to submit a request to the county auditor to determine the amount a 2-mill, five-year replacement levy will generate and discuss the matter further at the July 20 meeting.
“I like to think we have made leaps and bounds in improvements in the village,” Gardner said. “I would like to include public hearings and information on Facebook that explains to residents how we spend their money and receive feedback.”
Council Woman Lila Booth noted Conotton Valley Schools are allowing levies to expire, which will likely mean even with an increase in village taxes, the check they write to the county treasurer will be less than the previous amount.

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