Police Dept. adds new member

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By Thomas Clapper
Carrollton Police Department’s forces have gained one more full-time member.
Eric J. Burdette was sworn in by Mayor Bill Stoneman at the April 10 Carrollton Council meeting.
Burdette took the oath in front of family and was welcomed to the force.
Village Administrator Mark Wells required an ordinance to allow the Village to sell fire department equipment that is unneeded or unfit for municipal purposes. This became Ordinance No. 20223-13 allowing the sale of equipment to the Village of Newcomerstown.
“The Newcomerstown firefighters are reorganizing into a new fire department and need some equipment,” said Wells. “It was a fair price ($2,000) and they appreciated getting the items. It was things like breathing apparatuses and equipment unneeded by our fire department.”
Council approved the ordinance allowing Wells to complete the sale.

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