Pair charged with Malvern laundromat theft

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A pair of out-of-county residents were scheduled to appear before Carroll County Municipal Court Judge Gary Willen Monday afternoon (May 9), following their arrest late in the evening of May 7.

Carroll County sheriff deputies arrested Roy A. Boyd, 37, of Mineral City and Jennifer S. Mosley, 32 of Bolivar near Atwood Lake.

Before Boyd could be transported to jail, he was rescued by deputies when he became stuck in the mud along the water’s edge.

Boyd was stuck in approximately eight feet of water and said he could not feel his legs. Deputies Micah Campbell and David Miller pulled him from the mud. Boyd was unable to stand, was visibly shaking and shivering and when checked had an internal body temperature of 94 degrees. Regional EMS transported him to Aultman Hospital in Canton where he was treated before being released to deputies.

The incident began to unfold when Deputy Mary Bolgrin was on patrol Saturday night at 8:42 p.m. and observed a blue Hyundai Elantra parked on an oil well access drive with the lights on in the area of Magnolia/Tolen roads near Dellroy. Checking with the occupants, Mosley gave her name and told the deputy she pulled the car off because the alternator was going bad and her brother was on his way with parts.

Mosley told the deputy they had been to her storage unit in Waynesburg, fishing at Atwood and were heading to Mineral City. The deputy observed bags and items, including tools and laundry detergent bottles inside but no fishing equipment. The passenger first told the deputy his name was Danny Lee Boyd before she discovered his name was actually Roy Boyd.

Bolgrin left the scene and met with Deputy Campbell who noted the vehicle was attached to a recent theft at the Malvern Laundromat. Returning to the scene, deputies found the vehicle in the same place, but Boyd was not inside. Deputies also saw a blue bank deposit bag on the passenger floorboard which was full of key rings, keys and coins.

Mosley was arrested for charges stemming from the laundromat incident and placed in the cruiser. When asked if she had anything illegal on her person, she told the deputy she had a glass bubble pipe and cash in her bra.

Deputy Campbell and his K9 partner Nuke began to search the woods for Boyd. While searching, they found a note pad with a list of laundromats and self-car washes, a key ring with various keys and paint pen marks, which they later determined belonged to Boyd.

Near 11 p.m., two additional deputies arrived at the scene. Bolgrin and Campbell thought they heard someone yelling, “Help Me” but were unable to pinpoint the location.

After searching along Magnolia Rd. and Big Springs Cemetery, deputies returned to the cruisers. They told Mosley the car was being towed and asked about anything illegal. She noted two glass bubble pipes and possibly a marijuana roach. Giving them cause to search the vehicle, they located the drug paraphernalia and $2,572 in cash inside Mosley’s purse, laundry soap, dry sheets, various tools, various keys marked for dryers and service doors, several bags containing loose change and token coins, a crowbar and items reportedly stolen from the Malvern Laundromat. The vehicle was towed to the sheriff’s impound lot.

At this time, Campbell reported he located Boyd. Campbell and Deputy Miller began to lift Boyd from the mud. Boyd appeared to be suffering from hypothermia from being in the cold water for what he stated was “a very long time.”

Both Boyd and Mosley were booked into the county jail for possession of drug paraphernalia, obstructing official business and falsification, along with criminal damaging, theft and criminal trespass from the Malvern incident. Formal charges were pending as of press time Monday. Boyd also has active warrants from Tuscarawas County for a theft charge and two from out-of-pickup range for heroin and a traffic offense.

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