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To the Editor:
During World War II, my dad was left in a pile for dead until someone saw him twitch. The Army had to request pictures from his family to rebuild his face, but at least he got to come home. Thousands of others weren’t as lucky. They went through horrible things so you would have the rights and freedoms you have now…and this is what you do with those freedoms?
So…Baker Mayfield, you are the last straw for me. I’m done being politically correct.
This is what I’m going to say with my freedom of speech. I’m sick of hearing “I’m black and I want more rights” or “I’m gay and I want to legally marry someone of the same sex” or “I’m transgender and I want to use the bathroom I want instead of the one with the right plumbing”. Well…I’m white and fed up with all of you.
Charlene Russell

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