Nature enthusiasts sought to assist with Ohio Forest Sanctuaries workday

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Ohio Forest Sanctuaries is seeking volunteers for its first volunteer workday Sunday, May 15, from 1-4 p.m. at 5173 Knight Rd., Malvern. 

Volunteers will make signs, participate in invasive species control and help with trail cutting. Refreshments will be provided and volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a button making craft activity.  Carpooling is appreciated, as parking is limited. 

Ohio Forest Sanctuaries’ mission is to acquire, protect and steward Ohio’s forest and aquatic ecosystems so they can continue to soothe, educate and inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world. 

“We put our trust and our support in nature. Our intention is to steward the land so that it can reestablish its own natural rhythm and balance” representatives stated.

The organization owns a 65-acre plot of forest and wetlands in Carroll County, near Lake Mohawk. The land connects to and is surrounded by many more tracts of land. Much of the land has been logged and denigrated for many years. And still, forests survive and provide habitat for thousands of flora and fauna species that are vital to the health of the region.

OFS has been working closely with Western Reserve Land Conservancy, the largest land trust in Ohio, to put the land under legal protection from all future development. The land will be used as a sanctuary for the life contained therein as well as the visiting public. 

“We encourage you to visit the land to rest, reset, breathe, learn, explore and become inspired once again by life,” noted representatives. “In addition to the immediate benefits of a pristine and vibrant landscape, our vision is that we protect these lands for future generations to enjoy.” 

“You are invited to be a part of this vision on May 15, Ohio Forest Sanctuary’s first public event. See you there!,” group officials added.

Volunteers can sign up through the following link:

More information about Ohio Forest Sanctuaries can be found at

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