Man indicted on 18 counts concerning companion animals

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A Gnadenhutten man was one of 14 indicted by a Carroll County grand jury Sept. 8.

EDDY L. STARNES, III, 26, of 320 Logan St. was indicted on nine counts of Prohibitions Concerning Companion Animals, each a fifth-degree felony and nine counts of Prohibitions Concerning Companion Animals, each a first-degree misdemeanor. 

Prosecuting Attorney Steven D. Barnett said Carroll County Humane Society investigators found several dogs and cats inside a Sherrodsville area residence July 20 that were alleged to have had no food or water for several weeks and in various states of bad health, including two dogs that were deceased, and a kitten that later died.  Barnett said the conditions allegedly caused physical harm to the animals that created an unjustifiable risk of death under Goddard’s law.

Others indicted during the full-day session included the following:

JOSHUA LEE McINTYRE, 42, of 1067 Lilly Avenue NE, East Canton, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Illegal Conveyance of Drugs of Abuse Onto the Grounds of a Detention Facility, Tampering With Evidence and Possession of Heroin. 

JAMIE LEE McCARTAN, 37, of 10846 Lincoln Street SE, East Canton, Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Possession of Heroin. Carroll County sheriff deputies stopped a vehicle driven  by McCartan Aug. 21 for a traffic violation.  During a consent search of the vehicle, suspected methamphetamine and heroin were found in the vehicle, accessible to both McCartan and McIntyre, who was a passenger.  Both were arrested and transported to jail.  After arriving at the jail and during booking, McIntyre is alleged to have flushed additional methamphet- amine down a jail toilet after more methamphetamine was found on his person

LYNZEE LEE ZIMMERMAN, 33, of 2321 Stanwood Place SW, Canton, Possession of Heroin and Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments. ASHLY J. ROBINSON, 37, of 7608 Goodland Avenue, Waynesburg, Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments. Zimmerman and Robinson were stopped for a traffic violation in Malvern Aug. 20 by sheriff deputies.  During the stop, deputies discovered Robinson had an active warrant for her arrest from Stark County.  A search of the vehicle where Robinson was sitting found suspected methamphetamine and syringes.  Further search of the vehicle found suspected heroin and syringes in a box found lying on top of Zimmerman’s purse.

ERIC THOMAS McGREAL, 39, of 1700 15th Street SW, Canton, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments and Resisting Arrest.  Sheriff deputies made contact with a parked vehicle Aug. 26 in the Lardon Rd. area.  While speaking with one of the occupants outside the vehicle, McGreal, who initially provided a social security number for someone else, was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant.  As the deputy went to take McGreal into custody, McGreal fled on foot.  After a brief foot chase, McGreal was taken into custody despite continuing to resist.  Once apprehended, a search of McGreal’s person found suspected methamphetamine and a syringe.

CHRISTOPHER A. YOUNG, 36, of 204 N. Market Street, Minerva, Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Possession of Heroin. Young was stopped by sheriff deputies Aug. 11 for having no license plate on his vehicle.  During the traffic stop, deputies found suspected methamphetamine, heroin, and ecstacy in his possession.

APRIL D. ROHRER, 38, of 1909 Hammond Avenue SW, Canton, Possession of Heroin, Possession of Drugs, and Falsification. Sheriff deputies responded to Alliance Rd. in Brown Township Aug. 25 on a tip that Rohrer, who had outstanding warrants for her arrest, was walking along the road.  Deputies found Rohrer near Lardon Rd., where she provided false identification.  After confirming her identity and the outstanding warrants from Stark County, Rohrer was taken into custody.  A search of her belongings found two syringes, a glass pipe used to smoke drugs, suspected heroin, and pills that were identified as Buprenorphine.

TYLER LEE McCLISH, 25, of 25358 Quaker Church Road, East Rochester, Failure to Comply With the Order or Signal of Police Officer and one count of Receiving Stolen Property. Deputies responded to a Mace Rd. address Aug. 28, where a female claimed McClish was stalking or harassing her.  A second deputy discovered McClish travelling on a motorcycle near the Mace Rd. residence, where both deputies then attempted to make a traffic stop.  McClish fled from deputies, circling around a Carrollton Police vehicle and driving head-on at the pursing deputies.  The chase continued north on Mace Rd. to near where the original call for service came from. McClish lost control of the motorcycle after driving into the ditch.  Deputies later learned the motorcycle was stolen from Columbiana County.

ADAM A. HURTT, 31, of 435 Lakeview Drive, Apt. 102, Alliance, Aggravated Possession of Drugs. Deputies stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation Aug. 14 in which Hurtt was a passenger.  During the stop, deputies discovered Hurtt had an active warrant for his arrest by the Ohio Adult Parole Authority. While taking Hurtt into custody, suspected methamphetamine was found in a rolled up dollar bill in his pocket.

TIMOTHY A. SKIDMORE, 42, of 173 Henry Street, Akron, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Possession of Heroin and Drug Paraphernalia Offenses. On Aug. 17, deputies stopped a vehicle driven by Skidmore, whose license plate did not match the registered vehicle.  During the traffic stop, the vehicle was searched, where suspected 17 grams of methamphetamine, a small amount of heroin, scales, and pipes used to smoke drugs were found.

RICK A. PASIUK, 45, of 2113 Canyon Road SE, Carrollton, Possession of Heroin, Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments and Drug Paraphernalia Offenses. Deputies responded to a Canton Rd. area business Aug. 4 for a reported intoxicated male in their parking lot.  The male, later identified as Pasiuk, was, found seated inside a vehicle when deputies arrived. 

Suspected heroin, syringes, and spoons used to administer drugs were found in Pasiuk’s belongings.

KARLA LYNN HARSH, 37, of 205 South Market Street, Minerva, Possession of Cocaine. On Sept. 4, deputies stopped Harsh’s vehicle for a traffic violation in Malvern.  During a search of her purse, suspected cocaine was found.

PAUL E. HUTCHISON, 63, of 430 Freeman Avenue NW, Massillon, Possession of Cocaine.

Deputies stopped Hutchison’s vehicle for a traffic violation Sept. 2.  During a search of the vehicle, suspected cocaine was found in the driver’s compartment.

Arraignments are scheduled Sept. 23 at 8:30 a.m. in Common Pleas Court before Judge Michael V. Repella II.

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