Malvern graduate carves hornet for village park

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CCM/ Connie Jenkins Joe Evans stands with his hand carved Malvern Hornet at Malvern Village Park.

By Thomas Clapper
Malvern Village Park is now home to a hornet wood carving by Malvern graduate Joe Evans.
“A tree was cut down in the park with a high stump leftover and I was asked to carve a hornet out of it,” said Evans.
Evans said the hornet took two days to seal and paint it. It took one day to carve it and another day to seal and fix the nose.
“Something already happened to the nose, and I had to come give it a new one,” said Evans who used to own a tree cutting business. “I have been playing around for about seven years with chainsaw carving. I carved a beer bottle for The West End Inn in Malvern and have done bears, eagles, cardinals and more.”
“I think it is a great addition to the Malvern Village Park and it looks good sitting where it is,” said Mayor Bob DeLong. “We are The Malvern Hornets.”
Evans is a Malvern High School graduate of 2004 and currently lives in Waynesburg. He sold his tree business and started a taxidermy shop in Waynesburg called Windy Ridge Taxidermy. He enjoys making and selling carvings.
For more information call 330-575-9456.
“It was fun to build,” said Evans. “It was nice to do it for the community I grew up in. Hopefully it will be around a long time for my kids and grandkids to enjoy.”

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