Leesville mayor resigns, replacement sworn in

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By Jacquie Humphrey 


Leesville Mayor Kaitlin Bernhart appointed former mayor John Traxler and resident James Hall to council seats during the July council meeting. Both were sworn into office by Solicitor Jenna Hokes. 

Bernhart then presented her resignation to council, effective immediately. Council President Mara Malterer was then sworn in as the village’s new mayor. 

The changes in offices and new appointments leave Leesville with one vacant council seat. 

Fiscal Officer Sally Bernhart also announced plans to resign at the end of March, 2023. Council agreed to begin looking for a replacement in November. 

In an unrelated matter, council heard from village resident Donald D’Ostroph who discussed a tree near his road he is concerned will fall. D’Ostroph also expressed concern regarding fireworks being set off in the village, saying he feels they are not being set off in a safe area.  

Council discussed the matter and agreed to check in to what constitutes “safe”. Council will review the new law with Hokes to determine what the statute states and what, if any, actions council should take regarding the issue.   

Wastewater system operator Tommy Slutz reported on the status of the village’s system. Slutz said during a recent meeting with the EPA, it was advised the village’s numbers were off. EPA recommends the village waste more solids and clean the baffles on the clarifier. 

Slutz presented a plan to council to correct the issues, which included having solids removed on a quarterly basis until decreased to an acceptable level. Council reviewed the anticipated cost and unanimously approved.

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