Learning continues on a somewhat normal basis for CCCA students

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By Leigh Ann Rutledge
Associate Editor
For students at the Carroll County Christian Academy, learning continues on a somewhat normal basis.
Classes are underway daily using modern technology, thanks to Matthew Womack, teacher and youth director of the church who has set up a virtual classroom for students in K-12.
Teachers are set up in their individual classrooms and provide instruction as normal. K-4 teachers record while teaching class as normal. The video is then uploaded to the school’s You Tube Channel for students to view.
“Our students have literally not missed a beat in regards to their lessons or curriculum. The teachers are conducting class in an orderly, organized fashion. It’s amazing!” said one parent of children who attend the school. “It’s given our family a sense of normalcy amongst the chaos with scheduled classes, homework and assignments. God provided us with a plan. In a matter of days, the staff and teachers put it into motion. This speaks volumes of the dedication of our teachers.”
Students in grades 5-12 attend class daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through video conferencing on a program called “Zoom.” Students were issued Chrome Books which they took home to use during the closure. Teachers will do live video with students. Segments will also be recorded so students can watch at a later time if there are Internet issues, etc.
Womack said the school is focusing on providing instruction for core classes and hopes to pick up electives when school is back in regular session.
“I think what the teachers have done is wonderful,” said another parent. “I get to see how a normal school day goes. My daughter loves to relax and answer the math problems out loud and read her Bible verse along with her teacher.

I couldn’t be more proud of Miss Block for her continued education for the students through the YouTube videos”
Another way the Christian Academy is continuing class is keeping in contact with parents. Every three days, parents drop off completed homework and pick-up packets for the next three days. This will allow teachers to find out if a student is struggling instead of finding out two or three weeks later.
“I’m not good with words but I feel that the CCCA has been organized and has put the students learning as a priority,” said another parent. “As a working mom, the online lessons every day with Mrs. Dawson has been wonderful. As a parent, I feel the school has kept us informed on decisions that are affecting our child’s learning and I’m very grateful to all the staff at CCCA for their total dedication to the students and their learning.”

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