Kristen Long wins trustee seat on state Developmental Disabilities association

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Kristen Long of Carrollton was elected as a trustee of the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities at a Dec. 2 election. 

She was one of two candidates competing for an at-large seat to become one of the eight board trustees.  The president of the board selects members for committees and defines each committee’s responsibilities for that year.  Committees typically meet on a monthly basis and work directly with OACB staff to set the association’s goals.  Committee recommendations are considered by the full board and are used to guide the association’s efforts.

At the age of 12, Kristen was diagnosis with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, but was determined not to let the developmental disability stand in the way of following her dreams.  She currently serves as a board member of the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities and is employed full time by the Carroll County General Health District as the administrative assistant in the Nursing Division.

 “I am honored to serve knowing that others are supporting my efforts.  I’ll be a voice for individuals from Carroll County as well as neighboring counties at a higher level.  I am thankful for Superintendent Matt Campbell’s support and encouragement through this process. I applied and won the election and am extremely proud and excited to obtain such an influential position at the OACB,” Kristen stated.

“I am excited that Kristen will now have the ability to represent the small counties in the state.  A smaller county’s perspective is unique, and the issues are not the same as in a larger urban county.  Kristen’s representation will not only help Carroll County but also other counties similarly situated,” said Campbell. 

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