First Update – candidates

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Following are the first votes released by the Carroll County Board of Elections.

Total of 8199 votes includes absentee and early walk-in votes cast at the board of elections as well as some election day votes.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris      2421

Donald Trump and Michael Pence  5618

Write-in   12

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker   34

Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen    74

Representative to Congress (6th District)

Bill Johnson   5530

Shawna A. Roberts  2251

State Senator (30th District)

Michael Fletcher  2380

Frank Hoagland    5477

State Rep. 95th District

Don Jones        6235

County Commissioner 1-2-2021

Robert E. Wirkner  6093

County Commissioner 1-3-2021

Christopher R. Modranski   5366

Thomas R. White             2446

Prosecuting Attorney

Steven D. Barnett   6054

Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas

William R. Wohlwend   5460


Dale R. Williams   6083

County Recorder

Patricia J. Oyer     6350

Country Treasurer

Jeff Yeager  6515

County Engineer

Brian J. Wise   6227

County Coroner

Mandal B. Haas   6418

Justice of the Supreme Court 1-1-2021

Sharon L. Kennedy   4346

John P. O’Donnell    2424

Justice of the Supreme Court 1-2-2-2021

Jennifer Bruner 3312

Judi French      3372

Court of Appeals 7th District

Carol Ann Robb 5131

Court of Appeals 7th District

Cheryl Waite    4888

Carroll County Common Pleas Judge

Sean R.H. Smith             5784

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