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Following are the unofficial final results released by the Carroll County Board of Elections for issues on the ballot at the Nov. 3 general election:

Union Twp. road levy  Y= 347 N=160

Washington Twp. fire levy      Y= 365 N= 156

Loudon Twp. fire levy             Y= 343 N=120

Quad Ambulance                    Y= 217 N= 142 (Carroll Co.); Y=657 N= 491 (Stark Co.)

Sandy Valley school levy         Y= 129 N=124 (Carroll Co); Y=1,079 N=763 (Stark Co)

Monroe Twp. (Sherrodsville fire district)       Y=252  N=100

Village of Carrollton fire levy             Y=1,139           N=312

Village of Dellroy current expenses    Y=109  N=40

Minerva senior center            Y=447  N=250 (Carroll Co);     Y=173 N=95 (Stark Co.);                                                                      Y=0 N=1 (Columbiana Co.)

Sherrodsville (Current expenses)       Y=72    N=38

Augusta Twp. roads    Y= 454 N= 223

Fox Twp. roads            Y=309  N= 139.

Amsterdam Police Levy          Y=111 N=70

Amsterdam Recreation Levy   Y=116  N= 59

Salineville Fire Levy     Y-116   N=48

Bergholz EMS renewal           Y=205  N=32

Bergholz current expenses     Y=183  N=49.

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