Elementary school construction moves inside, remains on schedule

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CCM/Carol McIntire Brian Malinsky, project manager for Greenspace Construction Services, points out windows on the east side of the elementary school building that provide a view of Community Field.

By Carol McIntire


Carrollton Schools Board of Education members were treated to a tour of the new elementary building during the May 14 meeting. 

Brian Malinsky, project manager for the general contractor Greenspace Construction Services, opened a temporary door on the south side of the high school cafeteria and welcomed members into the cafeteria of the new elementary.  About 600 students in grades Pre-K through four will dine on tables in the dining area. 

Assistant Superintendent Andy Reeves pointed out the music classroom and art room on the left as the group entered the cafeteria area.

“The music classroom has a portable wall that can open to the cafeteria and ‘act’ as a stage,” Reeves said, adding that the cafeteria tables fold up into benches where students can sit to watch activities on the stage. 

Students will have two access doors to pick up meals off the south end of the cafeteria.  Middle school and high school students pick up meals on the north side.

Superintendent Dave Davis said the logistics of the cafeteria and when each group of students will eat has yet to be worked out. Plans are for the elementary school to welcome students when classes begin for the 2025-2026 school year.

The south side of the cafeteria offers two access points to staircases that lead to a landing and then one set of stairs to the lower floor.  

The building will have three extended learning spaces (much like the high school and middle school). The learning space on the lower level will also be used as a library. 

Classrooms will share a common space (closed in room) that opens into each separate room to be used by Intervention Specialists.

Reeves said construction is on schedule.

“The brick should be finished in the next week or so and the windows soon after.  The roof is nearly finished, and the outer shell should be complete by June,” he said. “Then, the majority of the work will be on the inside of the building.”

In an unrelated matter, Chris Clark of Northstar Towers spoke to the board about leasing school property to erect a cellular tower.  He noted the company is working with Verizon Wireless.

The goal, he said, is to download some of the cellular usage from the present Verizon tower in the Carrollton area.
“Verizon is looking to limit the scope of coverage to the school area and some of the traffic from this side of Carrollton,” Clark said, adding the tower will be less than 200 feet tall.
“We are considering two spots,” Clark said directing members to a map. marked with the locations. “We want to be out of the way from the central core of activities.”
He noted the most desirable space is near the location mapped out for a bus garage in the future.
“We only need a 50×50 area, which will be fenced,” Clark explained, adding the company is looking for a 50-year lease on the property. “Our goal is to sell space on the tower to other companies, as it will cost about $400,00 to develop the tower.”
The request was referred to the building committee.
Reno Contipelli of the Ohio School Boards Association visited to present Board Member with a certificate recognizing her 15 years of service to the district as a board member.
“In today’s world, 15 years is long time to serve on a school board,” Contepelli said. “Congratulations.”

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