Edison board approves $6.4 million in improvements to elementary schools

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Additional upgrades are planned in the Edison Local School District after officials approved an estimated $6.4 million bid for its two elementary schools June 5.
The school board approved a contract with Grae-Con Construction of Steubenville to improve Stanton and John Gregg Elementary schools with new windows, restrooms and HVAC systems. Superintendent Bill Beattie said the $6,408,000 project is predicated upon the availability of materials.
“We’re hoping to start mobilizing and begin construction immediately, but the challenge becomes the availability of materials. Their issue is the chiller system [for the HVAC units] lead time is 22 weeks right now,” Beattie explained.
“We don’t know the status of the ventilation, but we hope the parts and pieces can be available and we can be underway this summer.”
Beattie continued that new HVAC units, in addition to previously upgraded boilers, will help the buildings run more efficiently. Furthermore, the windows will be replaced and the restrooms, which are original to both buildings, will receive new flooring, fixtures and walls.
Improvements are also targeted at Edison High School, where new turf is being installed on the current soccer field in another $889,955 project.
He noted Vasco of Massillon is undertaking the upgrade and most of the excavation has been completed, while work could wrap up by the end of August.
Overall plans are to centralize school sports at the Richmond campus with the addition of baseball and softball fields, a multi-purpose athletic field and a new 1,500-seat gymnasium, as well as, a new parking lot.
Expenses will be paid through the 2.1-mill emergency renewal levy approved by voters last fall which would generate more than $1,049,000 annually over seven years.

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