County 4-H members receive outstanding project honors, earn state fair berths

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Members of the Carroll County 4-H program who received outstanding and qualified for state fair competition were announced June 25. 

To be eligible for an outstanding and/or state fair berth, members must have received an excellent at Still Project judging earlier in the day. 

Members included:

Cake Decorating

Outstanding: Roselle Hennebert and Leah Grigsby. State Fair delegates: Hennebert, jr. beginner; Grigsby, jr. intermediate.

Clothing and Textiles

Outstanding: Elizabeth Melching, You Can Quilt; Lauren Worth, Sew Fun; Leah Brown, Shopping Savvy; and Samantha Bajornas, Sundresses and Jumpers. State fair: Melching and Worth, jr. delegates and Brown and Bajornas, sr. delegates. 

Creative & Leisure Arts

Outstanding: Haley Householder, Scrapbooking; Trinity Olson, Get Started in Art. State Fair: Householder and Olson, both sr. delegates. Outstanding of the Day: Householder. 

Food and Nutrition

Outstanding: Jalyn Eddy, Sydney Householder and Chevella McDole, Let’s Start Cooking; Lance Hutchison and Savanna Modranski, Snack Attack; Audrey Hutchison, Kitchen Boss; Claire Eshler, Take a Break for Breakfast; Lydia Oboy, Grill Master; Braden Yingling, Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals; and Emma Nicholas, Let’s Bake Quick Breads. 

State Fair: Eddy, Sdyney Householder, Lance Hutchison, Modranski, Eshler and Yingling, jr. delegates; Audrey Hutchison and Oboy. Outstanding of the Day: Audrey Hutchison. 


Outstanding: Kathryn Boone, Photography Basics; Fisher and Mallarnee Palmer, Next Level Photography; Haley Householder, Mastering Photography; Deana Petersen, Photography Master. State Fair: Boone and Palmer, jr. delegates; Fisher, Householder and Petersen, sr. delegates. Outstanding of the Day: Householder. 


Outstanding: Haley Householder, Keegan Warner, Andrew Shockey, Audrey Hutchison, Abigail Zeedyk, AJ Grigsby, Logan Newsome and Lance Hutchison. State Fair: Grigsby, Newsome and Lance Hutchison, jr. delegates; Householder, Warner, Shockey, Audrey Hutchison and Zeedyk, sr. delegates. Outstanding of the Day: Householder. 


Outstanding: Jayden Clark, Addilyn Yingling, Levi Kiko, Fisher and Marcus Brooks, Measuring Up; Wyatt Fiddler and Luke Modranski, Making the Cut; Grant Thompson, Nailing it Together; Aiden McNutt, Woodworking Master. State Fair: Clark, Fiddler, Modranski and Thompson, jr. delegates; Fisher, Brooks, and McNutt, sr. delegates. Outstanding of the Day: McNutt.

Natural Resources

Dakota Ketchum, Trapping Muskrats in Ohio; Maryem Shields, Explore the Outdoors; Insect Adventures 2, Dylan Ulman; Lance Hutchison and Regan Hughes, Fishing for the Beginner; and Dustin Ulman, Fishing for the Intermediate. State Fair: Ketchum, Dylan Ulman, Hutchison and Dustin Ulman. Outstanding of the Day: Ketchum. 

Personal Skills

Outstanding: Haley Householder, Your Thoughts Matter; Shelby Householder, Medicine Safety and Science; Shelby Householder and Audrey Hutchison, Tracking Your Health and Fitness; and Sydney Householder, Becoming Money Wise. State Fair: Haley Householder, sr. delegates; Shelby Householder, both categories; Hutchison; and Sydney Householder. 

Pet Care and Vet Science

Outstanding: Sarah Jean Tipton, All About Dogs and Avery Fletcher Pet Rabbit, Pet Rabbit. State Fair Tipton, sr.; and Fletcher, jr.

Shooting Sports

Outstanding: Warner, Lilly McNutt, Bray Jones and Katelyn Haas, Archery; Calvin Romeo, Ruby Anderson and Lucy Romeo, Pistol. State Fair: Warner, McNutt, Calvin Romeo, sr. delegates; Jones, Haas, Anderson, and Romeo, jr. delegates. Outstanding of the Day: Warner. 


Outstanding: Garrett Grigsby, Discover 4-H; Lance Hutchison, Science Fun with Flight; Leah Brown, Tractor Operations Level 2; and Brody Moore, Young Engineers in Solar Energy. State Fair: Brown and Moore. Outstanding of the Day: Moore.

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