Center Twp. plans Saturday giveaway

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Center Township Trustee Mark Walters (left) and Fiscal Officer Carolyn Leggett display items purchased with CARES Act funds.

Center Twp. Trustees are utilizing funds provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help non-profits, firefighters and residents.

Trustees will hold a distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) for residents of Center Twp. who reside outside village limits Jan. 9 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Center Twp. building, located on 4th St. SE.

Over 500 residents reside in the township (outside village limits) and are eligible to receive a goodie bag containing a pair of gloves, two bottles of Purell, a box of 10 masks and a digital thermometer.

Trustee Mark Walters and Fiscal Officer Carolyn Leggett noted they attempted to purchase items from local businesses with the CARES funds when possible.

Walters noted he was at Lumber Service, a local business, and questioned employee Karen Wade regarding COVID-19 protective gear. Walters asked Wade if she was able to purchase items for the township.  She was able to find a distributor and ordered masks and gloves.

“Karen was a godsend; getting the items for us,” said Leggett.

The trustees also wanted to provide protective items for the Carroll County Golden Age Retreat (CGAR), located on Kensington Rd. Trustees provided 60 touchless hand sanitizer units to place in each resident’s room.

Working with George Miser, from Lumber Service, the trustees ordered 30 plexiglass divider stations to place on dining tables at CGAR. The dividers allowed protection for occupants to safely dine at the same table.

Trustees (with assistance from Harrison Twp. trustees) purchased three BN720 TTF Decon Packs for the Carrollton Village Fire Department. Each pack cost $775 plus $77 shipping for a total of $2,402.

Carrollton Fire Chief Shane Thomas said sprayer packs are similar to a backpack unit. A soap additive is used to spray down a firefighter’s turnout gear and equipment when in an environment that may contain COVID-19. Along with the health protection, the sprayer can also be used to wash carbon and soot from gear before firemen enter the fire truck. Each engine will carry a Decon Pack.

Trustees also purchased a Respirator Fit Tester for $14,923. This will be used to test seals on masks for the firemen’s Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to be sure they fit properly.

All fire department items were purchased from Fire Force, Inc. from Columbiana.

“We are very thankful that Center Twp. thought of us and our needs when they had the funds,” Thomas said.

The trustees purchased EZ Electrostatic Sprayers along with chemicals and batteries. They kept two sprayers for the township and donated a sprayer and barrel of chemicals to the FFA Camp Muskingum, Carroll County Sheriff office and Carrollton Police Department.

They donated touchless hand sanitizers to Carrollton VFW Post 3301, Carroll County Vet’s Club and the churches in the township.

Leggett noted they purchased the thermometers from Staples in New Philadelphia. Staples offered a deal to those purchasing large quantities of items using CARES Act funds.

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