John’s Bakery and Café opens in former Classic ’57 building

By Thomas Clapper
John’s Bakery and Café is open and continues to provide the same services as the previous Classic ’57, but with the promise of future additions.
John Myers returned to his hometown of Minerva after 35 years and multiple successful businesses in San Antonio, Texas, with the intention of retiring. In the past Myers had a restaurant in Hanoverton and in Texas he ran an event center for catering and various events, a bar and grill, a coffee shop, and commercial parking lot. He started a successful First Friday event as well.
“After my parents passed away, I decided to move to Texas,” said Myers. “I came back to Minerva at age 77 with the intention of retiring but after a year and a half I got bored and Classic ’57 went up for sale, so I bought it. I wanted to help the community of Minerva. There were 48 employees, and my main concern is to take care of them and the community. I am very happy to keep all of the employees, some have worked here as long as 16 years. I know a lot of our customers are senior citizens and I want to make this like a second home to them.”
Being from Minerva and attending Minerva High School until his senior year, and living in the area for years, Myers understands the significance of the building and its service to the various clubs, civic groups and customers. Additionally, he intends to use local artists’ work for the banquet room which is in the process of being expanded to 3,000 square feet to seat 120 people.
“This place was known for its pies and we are expanding the bakery to pastries and whole pies to-go,” said Myers. “We will continue the current menu at this time, while adding items weekly, including a lot of barbecue items. The drive-thru will remain the same.”
Future plans are tentative and subject to change, but aside from new décor, Myers plans on adding a full bar with liquor and drinks at the front car room. He discussed downsizing the menu while adding new things. He hopes the changes will be finished by March of 2023.
Myers also acknowledged and addressed rumors of his intentions with the business.
“There are many rumors about what I am doing,” said Myers. “I am not buying the Pizza Hut building and I am not creating a steakhouse. You would be surprised if you heard some of the things I have heard.”
Myers main goal is to continue serving the community like Classic ’57 did before John’s Bakery and Café. Despite the new name and upcoming changes, the core small town values remain the same.
“We are and will continue to be Minerva Lions fans and support the schools,” said Myers. “We are community oriented.”
John’s Bakery and Café current hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. It is currently closed on Monday and Tuesday temporarily until more staff can be found to cover the two days. It is located at the former Classic ’57 site at 317 E. Lincoln Way, Minerva.

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