Legal Notice



EAP Ohio, LLC (“EAP”), a limited liability company organized under the laws of Delaware with an address of 5847 San Felipe, Ste 400, Houston, TX 77057, hereby gives Notice pursuant to ORC 1509.28 that EAP has filed an application with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management (“Division”) requesting an order from the Chief to allow for unit operation (“Unitization”) of certain contiguous properties in Harrison Township, Carroll County, to form a drilling unit to be known as  the Folsam CR HAR South Unit. 

Property records in Carroll County depict the following mineral interest & possible parties owning in these tracts: 

150000444000: Christina & Nadal Montoya, Jr., h&w 

150002343000: James King

150002544000, 150002545000, 150002546000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Bret E. Gaff, dec’d. 

150002499000: Michael A. & Meredith S. Rey

150002563000: Randall C. Bowser

150002497000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Herbert J. Sovey, dec’d.

150002503000, 150002504000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Jeffrey A. Boston, dec’d.

150002605000, 150002607000: Susan L. Henderson

150003250000, 150003251000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Marcel DeGreef, dec’d.

150002675000, 150002674000, 150002672000: Kelli Parham

150002690000, 150002691000: Matthew Mikuluk

150002739000: Jamie A. Tulley

150003089000, 150003090000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Julie Graham, dec’d.

150002843000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of dec’d: Bruce B. & Catherine L. Neal, dec’d

150002834000, 150002833000: Brenda L. Nelder; Joshua Ayers

150002852000: Jennifer Manning

150002907000, 150002906000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Ronnie Riggle, dec’d.

150002920000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of dec’d: James R. Moore, Shirley L. Moore

150002952000: William L. Bunner

150002588000, 150002570000, 150002589000: Kevin A. Glazer; Carla R. Glazer

150003026000: Paul J. Keller, dec’d & Elizabeth J. Keller

150002852000: Jennifer Manning

150000035000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Randy Barr, dec’d.

150002481000: Known & Unk Heirs &/or Assigns of Patricia Ann Paulchek-Clay, dec’d.

150003043000, 150003042000: John E. Scanlon, dec’d & Marlene P. Scanlon

If you would like to attend this hearing, please go to, click on Join and enter the following meeting information: Meeting ID is 221 379 532 782; Meeting passcode is GJaPVJ. You may also listen to & participate in the hearing by phone by following the instructions detailed below: Phone Number is +1 614-721-2972 United States Toll; Phone Conference ID: 866 000 012#.  Service by publication shall be complete upon the expiration of four weeks after the date of the first publication of this notice. 

The date of the first publication of this notice is May 15, 2024. The date of last publication is June 5, 2024.   The parties, their representatives, & their successors in interest listed above are hereby notified that the Division has scheduled a virtual hearing for Thursday, June 27, 2024, via Microsoft Teams at 11:30 a.m. est. Participants may also dial in via phone and enter the meeting access code.  For further information regarding this hearing, please visit the Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management’s website at http://oil& 

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